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What follows is a wealth of information pertaining specifically to online marketing for the wine industry or for business in general and is very applicable to wine. If ever you'd like to hire someone to implement these strategies, I've got you covered. Just click "Move Forward" in the top right. And please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this stuff. I'm happy to help!

Web Analytics Segmentation
A long article about using segments to track your customers. That way, you can implement more of what followed the conversion path (i.e. people who bought wine or subscribed to a list) and less of what didn’t.

Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Customers/Site Visitors
This article is all about using analytics to track website visitors. Are they coming from Twitter? The PPC ad your running on an industry website? The connotations are obvious: track your marketing efforts. Don’t just hope for or intuit a positive ROI. This post is a little in depth, but that’s just because of how specific you can be when using Google Analytics to track customers.

Landing Page Psychology, Design for Conversion
Some general principles about landing pages and conversion. If you’re running an online campaign where you want people to take a certain action (i.e. subscribe to an email list, register for an event/content), read this.

Raven SEO review
If you’re smart and already implementing SEO tactics to further your winery, this post explains the Raven SEO tool, which makes a complex task that much easier. If you haven’t or never plan on implementing SEO yourself, don’t read this. It will bury you.

Required Reading

Break out of the shackles of traditional wine marketing by reading these three very short, hand-selected books to get a head start on revolutionizing your winery. Click a book to purchase inexpensively from Amazon.

This book will introduce you to the incredibly profitable mindset of Growth Hacking. How do modern businesses obtain stratospheric growth financially cheap and creatively expensive? The answers are in here, and after reading, you will never market the same way again.

Why do products (in your case wine) spread like wildfire and achieve exponential growth, while others flame out like a match on concrete? This book will teach you 6 principles to build into your wine marketing so that your brand becomes contagious.

No one notices cows. They're boring. Black, white, brown, and invisible. But a purple cow? Now that would be something! This book explains why traditional notions of marketing will never work again and how to market instead by harnessing the power of the purple cow.

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