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The future of online wine sales & 8 tips for success (+infographic)
This is the entirety of Mike Meisner’s post that headlines my site. If you’re someone who needs exact statistics to motivate you to move forward online, read this. It also contains 8 comprehensive tips to succeed online. If you read one thing on this site, this should be it.

Online Marketing and Measurement
If you are undertaking an online marketing campaign, you need to measure it. That’s basically what makes online marketing so effective: you can measure everything, tweak, and optimize to sell more wine. It’s the driving force behind online marketing’s huge ROI. This post in particular provides a simple, effective digital marketing and measurement framework from which to structure your online marketing campaigns. I use this as the structure for all my online marketing projects as it’s simple and creates clarity of action. An amazing article, don’t pass it over.

Barker’s Marque Wines Website Launch!
Barker’s Marque Wines is a small winery out of Marlborough, New Zealand that enlisted me to develop a comprehensive online marketing campaign for them, and they’ve been a pleasure to work with. The project included a strategically designed, responsive website that catered to multiple user experiences, social media integration, and a general online marketing strategy. Check it out by clicking the link above!

1,000 True Fans
Maybe my favorite marketing/business growth post ever. If you are looking to grow your winery, read this. Ingrain the principles. And then strategize on how you can achieve “1,000 True Fans”.

How to Develop an Online Marketing Strategy
A helpful, user-friendly article that outlines the framework from which to develop your online strategy. Starts at the fundamentals (identifying your target market using analytics and setting specific goals) and moves into the actual implementation (do your touchpoints [website and brochure for example] match your consumer base and each other?). Very good read.

When Wine Meets Tech Good Things Happen
A great article about Uproot, a new wine brand blazing a trail in the industry. The founders are two techies who are applying that skill set to building a wine brand, with great success so far. The article contains lot of key advice and takeaways on combining wine and tech.

The importance of niching your consumer base
A general article about wine marketing, but very applicble to online marketing because of the niching advice. Online analytics tools use hard data, not intuition, to help you figure out who your niche is. They then help you figure out how to cater to this niche more successfully. It’s really about identifying your strengths and amplifying them, and this is the purpose of analytics.

Modern Marketing Strategies for the Wine Industry
Title says it all. The article first laments the lack of technological action taken by the wine industry given how accessible it is, then provides some actionable tips for beginning/improving your online journey.

How Tucker Max Got Rejected by Publishing and Still Hit #1 New York Times
As always, Tucker Max provides a ton of wisdom. Some of the principles aren’t conducive to wine (i.e. you can’t give away free wine for many obvious reasons), but many of them are very conducive. How can you make you brand extremely and easily shareable? How can you engage your fans in authentic and valuable ways? How can you promote word of mouth? In the same vein, can you leverage a fulcrum of attention for your wine?

Required Reading

Break out of the shackles of traditional wine marketing by reading these three very short, hand-selected books to get a head start on revolutionizing your winery. Click a book to purchase inexpensively from Amazon.

This book will introduce you to the incredibly profitable mindset of Growth Hacking. How do modern businesses obtain stratospheric growth financially cheap and creatively expensive? The answers are in here, and after reading, you will never market the same way again.

Why do products (in your case wine) spread like wildfire and achieve exponential growth, while others flame out like a match on concrete? This book will teach you 6 principles to build into your wine marketing so that your brand becomes contagious.

No one notices cows. They're boring. Black, white, brown, and invisible. But a purple cow? Now that would be something! This book explains why traditional notions of marketing will never work again and how to market instead by harnessing the power of the purple cow.

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